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Windows 7 Shortcuts

October 15, 2012 4 comments

The Document above shows all available shortcuts usable on the Windows 7 Operating System. Increase performance and turn around time for your deliverables by using shortcuts instead of the boring mouse clicks. download and enjoy!!!

Windows 7 Professional Vs Windows 7 Enterprise

September 17, 2012 3 comments

The information in the slide above will definitely prove valuable to the choice of the windows OS to deploy in your Organisation. It highlights in details all aspects of both OS for Your consideration. Take time to go through the ten (10) page slide and you’ll simply fall in love with it.

How to fix the Temorary Profile Issue in Windows 7

August 17, 2012 5 comments

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

In the world of computing, after the release of a new operating system (especially from major players in the software sphere), there arises great expectations on performance and usability. However, time has proven that there will definitely be some inherent flaws in such system due to many techincal reasons which i will not want to bore you with in this post. LOLzzz!

There is a common problem with the Windows 7 platform which can become a hazzle to the user. I call it the “Temporary Profile Syndrome”. After logon you get a message that you have been logged into a temporary profile in Windows 7 computer.This is not your correct profile as its evident from the fact that your Desktop and configuration settings are not present. if you work on this profile, all your documents will be lost after a logoff. restart or a shutdown. Oh what a Syndrome! not to worry though there’s a simple solution. Find below the steps to resolution.

1) Log into the Profile from which you were promted with the Temporary Profile.

2) Start registry editor by typing regedit in find box in Windows 7.

3) Navigate the following location within the Windows 7 Registry “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList“.(do not do any other thing aside what i discribe, as this may make your computer further unstable. Registry modifications should be done by experts)

5) You can see similar keys under profile list with .bak difference.

(image above obtained from

6) If you have duplicate Keys(one with .bak and the other without .bak), delete the one without .bak and rename the one with the .bak by removing the .bak part of the name.

(image above obtained from

7) Log off and log back in and whao! the issue is resolved.

I do hope this is helpful as we strive to bring you with cutting edge How-Tos

Reducing Scanned Documents Size using HP Solution Center

April 24, 2012 40 comments

Hello friends! Do you need to send a scanned document as an attachment in an email and you are considering file size due to bandwidth restriction? Are you sharing a scanned document with a friend over the internet and size is becoming a limitation? There is a solution when using HP Scanners(most scanners have this feature, but we look at HP scanners in this post)! The HP Solution center gived you the ability to reduce scanned file sizes yet not negotiating quality. The trick is to reduce the resolution setting and allow the application do the compression for you. Thats it! The Higher the Output Resolution(ppi), the larger the file. The size will improve even better when the file is scanned in black and white.

Below are the steps required to configure the application for reduced resolution scanning. It is worthy to note that the reduced resolution does not cause your documents to become crampy and unreadable.

Step 1: Double click on HP Solution Center


Step 2: The Solutions Center Applet opens. Click on The Scan Document button.

Solution Center

Step 3: Select Document to PDF file and Click on Change Settings

Step 4: Click on Advanced document Settings

Advanced Settings

Step 5: Change the Output Resolution to 75ppi by clicking on the drop down menu then Click OK. This takes you back to the screen above.

Output Resolution

Step 4: Click on Scan.

Scan Button

Step 5: Change the file name to name of the document and pint to the location you want it stored in using the Browse button of the Save Location field Click OK

This will scan the document and the resulting size will be small (within the Kb range contrary to the Mb range without changing the resolution).

Hope this is helpful?

How to Solve Google Apps’ Microsoft Outlook gsync.dll Error

April 20, 2012 27 comments

The error below was encountered after finishing up with a user’s Google Apps E-mail configuration.

Steps to resolution.

The “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Apps Sync” was added this path to the path variable in the ‘system environment variables’ setting. Find screen shots below:

For Win 7

Step 1: Open any folder  and type in the path “Control Panel\System and Security\System” or follow Start >> Right Click on Computers >> Properties.

Step 2: Click on Advanced System Settings and then Environment Variables

Step 3: Search for the path variable and double click.

Step 4: Add a ‘;C:\Program Files\Google\Google Apps Sync” to the end of the string in the Variable value field. On 64bit Systems the location of installation my be changed from Program Files to Program Files(x86) depending on the version of the Googe Apps sync installed if this is the case then the path to add is “C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Google Apps Sync” should be added to the end of the string in the Variable value field. (Please

Note: the string must contain a ‘;’ before the actual path.

Stet 5: Click OK all the way.

Step 6: restart OUTLOOK.

For Win XP

Steps are the same, only that step one is replaced by Right clicking My Computer >> Properties >> Advanced Settings.

Hope this helps.



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